How to Create YouTube Channel?

How to Create YouTube Channel?

It might appear harder to learn how to create a youtube channel than it’s miles to get started out with some of the opposite social networks. but it doesn’t should be.

The time to reach your audience on YouTube is huge. it’s the most popular social platform among u.s. adults, and almost 75% of americans use the social video site, as compared to the sixty nine% who use fb. extra than half of of these customers go to youtube every single day.

Creating a successful YouTube channel begins with creating a YouTube channel. Here’s how to create your account.

Step 1: Create a Google account

If you use Gmail, google maps, or google play, you likely already have a google account… so bypass in advance to the subsequent step.

Now, you could both create a new, dedicated account specially for your YouTube enterprise channel or use an existing, non-public account.

Developing a new login is frequently best as you don’t must worry about security issues tied in your private Gmail. this is also a terrific idea if you’ll be sharing the account with others. ultimately, the selection is as much as you.

As an aspect observe, you don’t ought to use your business’ name while growing a google account. YouTube offers you the option to use a business Call or your own, which we’ll cover shortly.

Step 2: Go to YouTube and sign in

Head over to and click on ‘sign up’ in the pinnacle proper nook of the page:

Then login using the google account that you want to use in YouTube channel.

Step 3: Create a YouTube account

Simply visit your YouTube account web page, click on create a channel, after which input a call in your brand account. you’re in!

Whilst you create a YouTube logo account, you could supply multiple human being’s admin get admission to and customize the name and look to fit your emblem.

Some other cool component approximately logo bills: they allow you to get admission to YouTube analytics, which offers first rate helpful insight about who’s looking your videos and what content is famous.

Step 4: Customize your YouTube channel

It’s time to customize your brand-new social networking presence.

Click Customize channel in your channel dashboard. Enter information in the three tabs — Layout, Branding, and Basic Info — to help optimise your channel for audience discovery.

When filling out this information, use descriptive keywords with a view to help your account appear in searches.

Key phrases can consist of your channel’s topics, your enterprise, questions your content can solution or products featured.

Below branding, you’ll have the possibility to add your channel artwork and icons to offer your channel a unique appearance. one that, ideally, aligns with your usual emblem and visually connects this YouTube account along with your other social media systems and internet presence.

Step 5: Upload your first YouTube video

Well, this is interesting. you’re at the cusp of turning into a YouTube content author! I’m no longer crying, you’re crying.

To put your first video out into the world, hit the create button inside the top-right corner and follow the commands.

Step 6: Make your YouTube channel discoverable

Just like the old pronouncing goes: when you have wonderful content material on YouTube however no person sees it… what’s the factor?

To get views and subscribers, you’ll need to optimize your channel and videos for discovery. we’ve got a whole manual to selling your YouTube channel if you want to dive in deep.

Meanwhile, here’s a 30-second description:

Optimize video titles:

Use titles that are succinct, detailed, and include Google-friendly keywords. 

Users notice titles first, but they also help search engines figure out what your films are about. 

As a result, make sure all of your titles are succinct and fascinating, as well as clear and keyword-rich.

Optimize your YouTube description:

It’s vital to be clear, concise and descriptive here, too. make sure to front-load your key phrases and upload hyperlinks to different playlists.

Some other good trick to apply in video descriptions? create a “desk of contents” with timestamps to help visitors discover what they’re seeking out.

For greater particular suggestions, check out our complete guide to writing a winning YouTube description.

Add tags (in moderation):

At the same time as it is able to be tempting to load up this section with clickbait tags, ensure to most effective include tags which can be applicable on your content material. be honest, and pick out first-rate over quantity. the intention is to reach visitors who are surely interested by content like yours.

Tags additionally help YouTube set of rules apprehend what your content material is set. ensure to add a class or to assist the quest engine put your videos in front of the right audience.


Upload a hyperlink for your YouTube channel to your different social profiles, website and email signature to permit your existing fans know you’re starting a video empire.

Understand the algorithm:

In case you haven’t already, now could be the time to make yourself familiar with the YouTube set of rules. this aid determines now not simply seek consequences, but suggestions for the all-crucial “what’s up next” sidebar, too.


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