How to make Money on YouTube?

How to Make Money on Youtube?

YouTube is a video-sharing and social media website based in the United States that is owned by Google. Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Chad Hurley founded the company in February 2005. More than one billion monthly visitors view more than one billion hours of video on the site each day, making it the second most visited website in the world, behind only Google.

How much do youtubers make:


A profile on Olga Kay, a well-known YouTuber, was published in the New York Times, and it was discovered that she has been making $100,000 – $130,000 each year from her YouTube channel (equivalent to $8.3k – 10.8k per month) for the last three years.

Similar to this, many Pakistani social media superstars (and even media outlets) upload their recordings to the popular video-sharing website YouTube. Because of YouTube monetisation, these YouTubers and television stations are able to earn money when people view their videos. This provides them with an additional source of income.

Following are the some strategies and steps to Make Money from YouTube:

Join YT Partner program:


The YouTube Partner Program allows ordinary YouTubers to access premium features.

You don’t need to be a partner to earn money on YouTube (simply set up an AdSense account and gain views), but it really helps. YouTube Partners may earn money through video advertising, YouTube Premium subscription fees, and services like Super Chat, channel subscriptions, and product sales.

Upload Videos and create Sponsored Content:


You should only submit content (including movies, artwork, and music) that you have produced or that you have been granted permission to use; otherwise, you risk being charged with a copyright infringement and having your account suspended. If you publish someone else’s content on your YouTube channel, the content’s copyright owner may file a copyright claim with the video hosting service.

Negotiate directly with different brands for Influencer Marketing. Follow these steps to be a successful partner:

  • Find a brand to partner with
  • Make a deal
  • Be transparent about your Ad
  • Become an affiliate partner
  • Use crowdfunding

Dos and Don’ts of YouTube Earning


  • Create videos that are more likely to get searched. •
  • Create videos that are engaging and keep viewers watching. • 
  • Name your films properly, similarly add descriptions and tags suitably so that your videos are indexed and displayed in search results •
  • Make a lot of videos, don’t give up on creating videos • 
  • Distribute your videos through all networks (Facebook, Twitter)


  • Don’t copy and paste videos from YouTube. Any copyright breaches will be immediately detected, and your account may be suspended. 
  • Don’t create obscene films or videos that violate YouTube’s Term of Services.

Best Practices for better content:


One of the most basic best practises is to produce material that is both rich and interesting. Viewers come to YouTube in search of either entertainment or a solution to an issue that they are now experiencing. By producing excellent content, you increase the likelihood that your film will be watched and shared.

The optimization of videos for YouTube search is another strategy that content producers may use to boost viewership. This involves utilising the Google keyword planner to identify phrases that a significant number of people are searching for and include those keywords in the description and tags of the YouTube video page to increase visibility. Another common method of generating extra traffic to a YouTube video is to promote the video via the use of social media and paid media advertising.


YouTubers earn between $3 and $5 per 1,000 video views on average when they advertise using AdSense. A large number of individuals seeing your channel may add up to a substantial income for your business. For large creators, it is not unusual for them to earn upwards of $200,000 per month only from AdSense revenue.

Although your channel may be trending and AdSense money is filling your bank account, keep in mind that YouTube popularity is dependent on a variety of variables, many of which are out of your control – the YouTube algorithm, as well as your audience’s preferences and requirements, may all change.

Follow these strategies and recommendations and broaden your horizons to ensure that the money you earn on YouTube grows into a healthy and regular source of income in the future. Even if your AdSense earnings decline for any reason, you may still generate money via merchandising, branded partnerships, and crowdfunding.


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